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§ 1 Name of the association 

The club is called Cats Karma.


§ 2 Fiscal Year

Fiscal year is the calendar year.


§ 3 Purpose of the association

The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section

“tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code and never acts for profit.


The purpose of the Association is to provide fast and effective protection and assistance to both domestic and wild animals specifically, but not exclusively, in Mallorca, Spain.


The association promotes animal welfare in Germany, Europe and in particular on Mallorca, Spain.


The purpose of the statute is achieved in particular by:

  • conducting fundraisers,

  • administration of the donation fund,

  • Providing help and support to animals in need at home and abroad, specifically in Mallorca Spain, through       reception of animals in foster homes, care and support,

  • Mediation and shipment of the rescued animals to animal welfare-conscious, responsible and suitable people at home and abroad. The mediation of the cats and dogs takes place without the intention of making a profit. The acceptance fee serves as an expense allowance to cover the costs incurred through veterinary care, interim accommodation and transport,

  • Liberation and acceptance of animals from killing stations,

  • The construction and maintenance of animal shelters / sanctuaries / quarantine stations, etc. or participation in the creation and maintenance of such, as well as the necessary technical facilities, also as help for self-help,

  • Help and support with medical care, in particular for street cats and animals in the care of foster homes and in animal shelters of animal protection organizations connected at home and abroad,

  • Feeding and care of street colonies as well as measures to improve the living conditions of stray animals.

  • Carrying out castrations to prevent further animal suffering in the long term,

  • Dissemination, maintenance and promotion of the idea of animal protection through education and good example with special consideration of species and nature conservation,

  • Promotion of understanding of the nature of all animals and their well-being in word, writing and image,

  • Assist in the prevention and prosecution of any form of animal cruelty, animal abuse, or animal abuse.

Instigating criminal prosecution for violations of the animal welfare laws applicable in the respective country. The animal protection association Cats Karma advises both members and other people on questions of keeping pets.

§ 4 Use of Funds

The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.


Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. 


The members do not receive any profit shares and in their capacity as a member also no other benefits from funds of the association. 


When leaving or dissolving the association, the members do not receive any shares in the association's assets.


No person may be favored by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration. 


§ 5 members of the association 

The association has ordinary members and supporting members.  


Supporting members support the purposes of the association financially. They can be natural or legal persons. 


All members have the right to participate in the general meetings. However, voting rights are limited to ordinary members.


§ 6 Recording

Members of the association can be natural persons of legal age or legal persons.


The application for admission must be made in writing.


The Executive Board decides on the application for admission.


The applicant is entitled to appeal against the rejection, which does not require any justification, to the general assembly, which then makes a final decision.


§ 7 Loss of Membership

Membership expires through a declaration of resignation, expulsion, loss of legal capacity and the death of a member. 


§ 8 Withdrawal 

The resignation is made by written declaration to a member of the board. The written declaration of resignation must be submitted to the Executive Board with a notice period of one month at the end of the financial year.


§ 9 Exclusion

The board of directors decides on the exclusion from the association.


An exclusion can only take place for important reasons. Important reasons are in particular 


  • behavior that is damaging to the club's goals, 

  • the violation of statutory obligations or contributions in arrears of at least one year. 

  • if there are facts that indicate that the continued existence of a member is detrimental to the interests of the association.


The member is entitled to appeal against the exclusion at the general meeting, which must be addressed in writing to the board within one month. The General Assembly makes the final decision within the framework of the association.


The member reserves the right to review the measure by appealing to the ordinary courts. Appeal to a regular court has a suspensive effect until the court decision becomes final.


§ 10 Contributions

The amount and due date of contributions are determined by the general meeting. 


§ 11 Organs of the association

The organs of the association are the board of directors and the general assembly.


§ 12 The board of directors 

The board is the executive body of the association. 

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly for a period of 1 year.   


The executive board is responsible for the management of the association and the execution of resolutions of the general meetings.    


The board consists of the following members:      

1st Chairman, 

2nd Chairman,


The executive board within the meaning of § 26 paragraph 2 BGB are the 1st chairman, the   2nd chairman and the treasurer. 


The executive board represents the association in and out of court.


Two of the three members of the executive board are required to represent the association in and out of court. 


He decides on the allocation of donations. 


If a board member resigns prematurely, the board is entitled to temporarily fill the vacant position with a full member until the next meeting. 


At the next general meeting, the resigned board member is to be replaced by a new election.    


The executive committee decides in general questions of the life of the association.  


The Board of Directors is responsible for convening the annual general meeting and setting the agenda.    


The management of the association's assets is the responsibility of the board of directors.   


The Executive Board is entitled to authorize a member of the Executive Board to carry out individual legal transactions for the association.     


The Executive Board has a quorum if the members of the Executive Board participate in the decision-making process. Resolutions are passed with a simple majority. 


In the event of a tie, the vote of the 1st chairman decides.


In order to reach a quorum, the Chairs must be present.    


In the event of the resignation of board members, the board remains quorate with the unanimity of the other board members.    


After the end of the term of office, the board remains in office until it is re-elected as the executive board.    


All board members exercise their offices on a voluntary basis.  


When the membership in the association ends, the office as a board member also ends.


Minutes are to be taken of the resolutions of the general assembly, which are to be signed by a chairman and the secretary.


§ 13 General Assembly 

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association. Their tasks include, in particular, the election and deselection of the board of directors, discharge of the board of directors, receiving the reports of the board of directors, election of the cash auditors, determination of contributions and their due date, resolutions on changes to the statutes, resolutions on the dissolution of the association, decisions about admission and exclusion of members in cases of appointment as well as other tasks as far as these result from the statutes or according to the law.


The General Assembly has a quorum if it was duly convened, regardless of the number of members present and if the chairpersons are present.


The Executive Board convenes them when necessary, but at least every 2 years.


The Executive Board is obliged to convene an extraordinary general meeting if at least one third of the members request this in writing, stating the reasons.


The General Assembly is convened by the Executive Board in text form or in writing (this can also be done by e-mail) with a notice period of two weeks, stating the agenda. The period begins on the day following the sending of the letter of invitation. The letter of invitation is deemed to have been received by the members if it was sent to the last address or e-mail address known to the association.


The agenda must be supplemented if a member requests this in writing no later than one week before the scheduled date. The supplement is to be announced at the beginning of the meeting.


The General Assembly is chaired by one of the two chairmen.


The General Assembly can be held in digital form (online). A virtual meeting will take place in a password-secured online room and at with prior notification of the password to participants prior to the meeting. Participants should identify themselves by using their real name.


A secretary is to be elected at the beginning of the general meeting.


Each member has one vote. Voting rights can only be exercised personally or for a member upon presentation of a written power of attorney.


When voting, the simple majority of the votes cast decides.


Amendments to the statutes and the dissolution of the association can only be decided with a majority of 2/3 of the members present.


If certain contents of the statutes conflict with the entry in the register of associations or the recognition of non-profit status by the responsible tax office, the board of directors is entitled to make corresponding changes independently.


Abstentions and invalid votes are disregarded.


Minutes must be taken of the resolutions of the general meeting, which must be signed by the chairman of the meeting and the secretary.


§ 14 Kassenprüfer 

The general assembly elects a cash auditor who may not belong to the executive board.  

The election is decided by a simple majority of the votes cast.

The term of office of the cash auditor is two years.

Re-election  for  a  additional term of office is permissible._cc781905-5cde-5b583-6bad5cf58d_

The cash auditor checks the entire club cash with all accounts once a year, 

Accounting documents and receipts and reimburses the general meeting  about it  a 


The cash auditor is responsible for the comprehensive examination of all cash registers and all documents in 

factually and arithmetically .  


§ 15 Liability  

The association's liability is limited to its assets.


§ 16 Dissolution of the association

The dissolution of the association can only take place in a general assembly convened especially for this purpose. It requires a unanimous proposal by the Board of Directors or the majority of the members entitled to vote and requires a 2/3 majority of the members entitled to vote present when voting on the dissolution.   

§ 17 Construction  

This statute was adopted on August 30th, 2020 and the resumption of the founding assembly on October 5th, 2021.


By board resolution of January 24, 2022, based on the authorization from Section 13, Paragraph 13, the Articles of Association were changed again in Section 13, Paragraph 7 to " one of the two chairmen..." instead of the previous "...Member of the Board...".

Cats love people a lot more than they care to admit, but they possess so much wisdom that they keep it to themselves.


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