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"Our" cats receive medical care from us, are neutered, cared for and given a loving home with us until they find their permanent place on the sofa with their new owner. Old and sick animals that we cannot place can spend the rest of their lives with us in the refuge or in a foster home, with lots of love and dignity. Please help us and donate for our Majorcan cats in need, because we can only cover all costs through donations and thus ensure the care of our protégés. ​


  • Regular veterinary treatments (e.g. castrations, vaccinations, worm and flea treatment, FIV and FeLV tests)

  • Hospital stays, operations, CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, special examinations, emergency fees, etc.

  • Radiation therapy for cancer patients, FIP therapy, laser or physiotherapy for accident victims, interferon therapy for panleukopenia patients, etc. 

  • Triggering for cats from killing stations

  • Wet and dry food, special food for kidney patients, FeLV and FIV cats

  • cat litter

  • Hygiene items such as: changing mats, disposable gloves, shoe covers, disinfectants to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

  • Cat accessories such as scratching posts and toilets

  • Live traps, transfer and transport baskets

  • Rent and utilities from the Refugio

  • Gasoline for trips to the vet

  • Water - due to poor drinking water quality on site

  • Materials for our cat enclosures such as wood, grids, covers for sun and rain.

Bank details

Bank: Sparkasse Holstein

Owner: Cats Karma eV

IBAN: DE49 2135 2240 0189 8322 49


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Donations of time and goods are just as important to us as donations of money. Keeping and caring for animals is expensive. Every euro that we don't have to spend on food or animal accessories can be invested elsewhere, for example in veterinary care. Therefore we are happy In addition to monetary donations, donations in kind, such as food, litter, bowls, toilets, scratching posts and the like are always accepted. We are also happy to accept used pet supplies that are in good condition. These include dishes or bowls, cat baskets, toys, transport boxes and bags. Write us a private message and we will give you the delivery address.


Get involved as a local helper: Volunteers are needed in many places. You are welcome to actively support us in our daily work at the Refugio. Contact us easily and conveniently via our contact form - we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that we will only inform you of the location via private message.


Anyone who's lived with cats for a while knows that they have infinite patience with the limitations of the human mind.


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