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We at Cats Karma eV rescue cats on Mallorca | exposed - sick - off the street - from the kill or any other emergency situation | with us they are neutered, treated by a veterinarian, nursed back to health with lots of love, are allowed to regain their strength and are safe | once they are ready and healthy, they will seek a lifetime couch - with YOU.

Image by Mathilde Langevin
Image by Paul Weaver


Here you will find our current sofa space seekers, who all have one thing in common: the great desire for their own forever home. Open your heart, the following souls are waiting for you:


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Image by Erik-Jan Leusink


Sina and Steffi, two women who have one thing in common: a huge heart for Mallorcan street cats. And her love for the small and big, young and old and partly also handicapped strays on Mallorca brought Cats Karma to life in May 2018.

Cats Karma eV, which actually started as a small private initiative, has grown so much over the years that we currently look after around 450 cats in our refuge and at around 50 different foster homes all over the island. There are also around 100 colony cats, which are also fed daily and given veterinary care.

Behind Sina and Steffi there is now a team of around 40 volunteers who look after the well-being of the cats from Germany and Mallorca 24/7, handle mediation and emergencies, organize flight sponsors, write contracts, manage Facebook and Instagram and much more.

The whole thing is only possible through private, voluntary commitment and the diverse financial support of our followers and Cats Karma fans, to whom we simply say "THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!" want to say.



Here you will find a small excerpt of our previous lucky furs who, thanks to their new adoptive parents, have already made the leap to their forever sofa. 

Image by Alexander Possingham


Many people feel the desire to help animals in need. Some donate to appropriate organizations, others take in an animal from a domestic or foreign animal shelter or volunteer. But sometimes there is a need to do more. It was the same with us. That's why we founded Cats Karma. 

Actually, it was only supposed to remain a small private initiative, but we quickly realized how many emergencies needed our help every day. The need in Mallorca literally overran us and then Corona came at the beginning of 2020. Due to the lockdown, we were no longer able to neuter cats at the beginning of 2020, because it was strictly forbidden to leave the house in Spain. In addition, castration was not one of the permitted, vital treatments at the veterinarian. In addition, many people have left the island, many homeowners could no longer come to the island due to the entry regulations and gradually many people have lost their jobs and thus their livelihoods. In addition to the human aspect, this crisis has of course also had an enormous impact on animal welfare to this day. Animals were left behind, there were no tourists who looked after the cats at least from March to October, castration campaigns were impossible, sometimes we could no longer look after our street colonies, people with pets had neither money for food nor for the vet, etc.

But we didn't close our eyes and are still fighting the consequences of the corona crisis to this day. From the original 60 cats that we had in our care before the pandemic, there have quickly become well over 450 cats that we now care for. Of course, our monthly costs quickly increased accordingly, and it quickly became clear to us that we now had to take a different path and decided to found an association in Germany in summer 2020.

No sooner said than done, and thus our German animal protection association was officially established on August 30, 2020, which we also registered directly for registration. Unfortunately, Corona and the additional bureaucratic hurdles in Germany thwarted our plans again. After we had to wait several months for appointments with the notary, lawyers, tax office, district court, etc., the wording of the statutes had to be slightly changed again and again and we still had to take care of the 450 cats a day in addition to our full-time job, of course, we are now in the final stages of registering the club and waiting every day for the decision from the district court. At the same time, we also applied to the tax office for non-profit status, so that we can issue donation receipts promptly. This is of course important because we are increasingly dependent on donations to be able to take care of all the emergencies.


There are many ways to help animals in need.


If you would like to support our work and our commitment to Mallorcan street cats, then help us save more cats from the streets or from killing stations with your monetary or material donation and give them a second chance in life that you would otherwise be denied.

It doesn't matter whether it's a one-off or regular donation, whether it's a sponsorship or a will - any kind of support helps us. Just talk to us - together we will find the perfect donation package for you. 

  • Why are the vet & animal hospital bills so high?
    It is our ethical belief that every cat's life is precious and we treat every cat as if it were our own. We make it possible for every sick cat to receive the medical care it needs: from diagnostics to therapy or surgical interventions. We also treat many cats that other animal welfare organizations have put to sleep directly for cost reasons, such as cats with FIV, FeLV, panlaucopenia, FIP, cancer, complicated fractures or injuries, etc.
  • Who works in the cat refuge?
    Every day, all cats are looked after by voluntary helpers from Mallorca and also from Germany.
  • Why don't you hire a veterinarian?
    In our clinics and with our doctors, we get animal welfare discounts and can always rely on our protégés being treated, since the staff and medical equipment are always guaranteed. If we were to hire our own veterinarian and assistant, we would not be able to cover absence due to vacation and illness. But the most expensive thing is the equipment and medical technology. Table, ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory equipment, cooling options, sterilizers are very expensive purchases. We couldn't operate with it either. In the end, it really isn't economical.
  • Why don't you name the exact location of the cat refuge?
    Unfortunately there are not only cat lovers on the island. Cats are often seen as a "nuisance" or "vermin," so it's not uncommon for people to torment, poison, or even kill them. We want to protect our animals and only give out the location of the refuge on request if you want to visit us.
  • What costs do you incur for the adopted cats?
    Most of the cost is for the animal's veterinary care until it's ready to travel e.g. B • regular vaccination(s) • Rabies vaccination • Dewormer(s) • Flea/Tick Remedy • FIV and FeLV testing • Microchip including implantation • EU pet passport • Castration • possibly blood test • possibly further transport costs • possible release costs from killing stations • Feeding and care costs • possibly accommodation costs • Other medical treatments, operations, etc. Contact us
  • No suitable animal found?
    Even if you haven't yet found your dream cat among the animals presented on our homepage, just talk to us, because we can't present all of our cats on the site and unfortunately newcomers are added every day, which you can't immediately find under the corresponding menu item. Contact us
  • What can I expect?
    Taking over an animal from animal welfare stocks also means special care and understanding because the animals first have to adapt to their new habits. For this they need time and patience. Therefore, please think carefully about whether you and everyone else in your household are willing to raise these. Above all, if an animal does not behave exactly as expected at first and is perhaps unsure or anxious at first, it becomes clear how well the purchase of the new roommate was considered beforehand. In the first few days in particular, think about what the animal experienced before it came to you. First it may have been abandoned by humans, it may have lost its mother or was taken from her far too early, then perhaps it was captured, lived together with many other animals in a killing station or sat alone in a cage, it may be hungry, thirsty, cold and/or have to experience violence and then embarked on a journey to find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Please don't be impatient if your new family member reacts differently than expected in the first few days with stress-related diarrhea, uncleanliness, shyness or anything else. Make yourself aware that you are dealing with an animal that must first regain its trust and may have experienced bad things on the street. Contact us
  • Why do I have to pay a nominal fee?
    Every living being has a value and is not easy to give away. The protection fee to be paid is a small contribution to the costs incurred such as vaccination, deworming, castration, etc. As a rule, the protection fee does not cover the actual expenses that we have had for an animal to date. So it is a minimum amount so that we can get back at least part of the cost of the animal and continue our work tomorrow. If you are already hesitating about the amount of the protection fee, please reconsider your decision to purchase an animal carefully, because the acquisition costs are usually the lowest amount in animal husbandry. Even healthy animals cost money over the course of a lifetime. In addition to food, you must also be able to pay for expenses such as regular vet visits, vaccinations and deworming, toys, scratching posts, baskets, etc. for an animal. We do not wish our protégés to save on these things. If you cannot or do not want to afford to keep an animal yourself or do not want to commit yourself to an animal permanently, we would also be happy to accept your commitment as a foster home or for other tasks. We are also always looking for sponsors for our cats - especially for our "long-term inmates". The protection fee serves to protect the animals Therefore, this will not be refunded under any circumstances and is also non-negotiable, because animals are living beings and not commodities. In the case of cats that are difficult to adopt and in special cases, we deliberately waive part of the costs. When the time comes, we will discuss everything again in detail with the new mistress and/or master. Contact us
  • What happens if an animal cannot be adopted?
    If an animal can no longer find someone to give it a home, it will be lovingly cared for and cared for by us until it dies. Contact us
  • Who can guarantee that the adopted cat is healthy?
    Our animals have all the necessary vaccinations when they are placed, have been presented to a veterinarian several times and are marked with a microchip. They are also dewormed and deflead. Most of the cats are already neutered, unless they are young animals that cannot yet be neutered due to their age. If an animal has a health impairment that we are aware of, you will be informed in advance and can then make your decision in peace. All diseases known to us are of course treated accordingly on site. However, please also consider that we cannot guarantee the health of an animal and that undetected diseases may lie dormant in an animal. Should an animal fall ill shortly after it has been placed in Germany, we will of course be at your side with advice and action. But then it is your responsibility to take care of his health. This is no different with an intra-German placement via an animal shelter, a private placement agency or a breeder. Contact us
  • Cat found - what now?
    If you have already found a cat that you would like to give a new home to, please read our placement process and fill out the self-assessment if you agree with everything. We will then get in touch with you and would like to clarify with you whether the animal you have chosen is a good match for you and your circumstances or whether there are other candidates that we can better imagine in your home. As soon as this has been clarified, we will discuss all further steps with you until your new house tiger moves in. Contact us
  • What about travel expenses?
    Depending on the airline and whether the animal is traveling in the cabin or in the cargo hold, the flight for the animal costs between €40 and €100 plus €25 for the transport bag or €80 for a cargo box. You can either keep the bag/box or if you send it back to us, we will of course reimburse you for these costs. Contact us
  • Step 6: The Big Day
    Patience! ​ Flights can always be delayed for a variety of reasons. Before you set off, please check again whether the flight took off from Palma as planned and when it is scheduled to land at the destination airport. Sometimes a flight can be cancelled, diverted or in the rarest of cases a flight sponsor jumps off due to illness etc. Of course, your new furry friend can also get sick shortly before the flight. This is of course very annoying, but we try to find a new flight sponsor as soon as possible.
  • Step 3: We get to know each other personally
    Don't worry! We don't want to control you or check how often you dust or if the dishwasher is empty. We are concerned with you and how our protégé could live in the future. We save our animals from the street, from killing or poor husbandry, we painstakingly nurse them back up and so of course our heart is also attached to ensuring that they then end up in loving hands and do not become a challenge trophy. After the visit, the relevant preliminary inspection sends us a detailed report and we will then inform you of our decision promptly.
  • Step 8: We keep in touch
    Even after the placement, we won't leave you out in the rain and will continue to be at your side with advice and action if you have any questions, concerns or anything else that affects you and your new furry friend. We are always happy to hear from our former Cats Karma protégés. From time to time, send us a few photos of your fur nose and let us know how you are doing. Or become part of our Cats Karma Family and get to know our other adopters: FACBOOK GROUP FOR ADOPTANTS
  • Step 7: Hooray, the Cat Is Here!
    Congratulations! You gave a new life to a cat from a foreign animal shelter. She will surely be forever grateful to you. But adopting an animal from an animal shelter also means special care and understanding, as the animals first have to adapt to their new habits. The length of time for this is individual for each animal, but you may need some time and patience for this. Above all, if an animal does not behave exactly as expected at first and may be unsure or anxious at first, you should have the necessary patience and understanding for the creature. In the first few days in particular, think about what the animal experienced before it came to you. First it was abandoned by humans, then maybe caught, lived with many other animals in a killing facility or in an animal shelter or sat alone in a cage, may have experienced hunger, thirst and cold or even abuse and then set out on a journey to find itself in to be found in an unfamiliar environment. So don't be impatient if your new family member reacts differently than expected in the first few days with stress-related diarrhoea, uncleanliness, shyness or anything else. Be aware that you are dealing with an animal that sometimes needs to regain its trust. ​ The cat can also get sick initially due to the stress of the trip and the new environment, because cats react extremely sensitively to any kind of change and the immune system also shuts down under stress. Of course, this also applies to any existing cats. Please make yourself aware of this in advance, because it is important to us that you know what can possibly happen to you. But once you've done that, you'll see how great it feels to watch an animal thrive and trust you.
  • General information in advance
    1. Mediation principles cats All our cats are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and placed and handed over. Puppies (kittens) under the age of 6 months are exempt from castration, but here you have the option of having the kittens - if they are old enough - castrated by our contract vet free of charge, this is included in the placement fee. When a cat is taken over, the valid vaccination certificate is handed over. 2. Peculiarities in kittens Kittens stay with their mother for 10 weeks, only then can they be shown and reserved. There is a different regulation for the kittens in our foster homes, which are raised by hand without a mother. Visits and reservations are made in consultation with the foster home, which depends on the health of the kittens. Our kittens with their mothers can time will not be shown and will not be published on the homepage. This is to protect the small cat families so that the mothers can raise their babies in peace. The small cats are generally only adopted in pairs, but this does not apply to kittens found individually or to odd litters. Individual kittens are only placed in households where sufficient activity and utilization is ensured, or as a second cat with an age-appropriate cat. 3. Window/Balcony Security Our cats are only adopted and handed over to households where it has been ensured that at least one window has been secured in a cat-friendly manner, as well as at least one patio door (if there is one). Any existing balcony must also be networked. This also applies to free-roaming cats that we mediate and give away, to ensure that they don't escape from the new owner in the first few weeks. 4. Releasers Outdoor cats will not be placed in households that are in the immediate vicinity of busy streets. This is based on our animal welfare concept that we do not want to expose the cats entrusted to us to any avoidable risk of pain, suffering, damage - here the risk of being hit or run over. Therefore, in the consultation, we also ask where you live to avoid disappointment later.
  • Step 1: You and your family
    Have you fallen in love with one or more of our sofa space finders on our website, on Facebook or on Instagram? That's nice, because the first step has already been taken. You are welcome to give us your voluntary self-disclosure, stating your "desired" cat, and we will contact you immediately. Perfect match You are also welcome to contact us if you are open to other cats we have placed that we have not yet been able to post on the homepage or in social media due to time constraints. But maybe you are also open to adopting one of our "problem skins", which of course would also like to find a place on the sofa for life. Contact us easily and conveniently via our contact form or directly by telephone. Together we will find the perfect match for you. You have made your decision and would like to give a cat a new home? Wonderful, then you've come to the right place. With us, you even save two lives at the same time, because by adopting a cat, you also give another animal the chance to be rescued. You not only free this animal from great distress, but at the same time enable a subsequent animal to move up to its place with us in the Refugio. You also save this animal from the street at the same time. In the family council you probably also discussed the following points: The new fur nose can be up to 20 years old and will certainly accompany you for many years. When the fur nose gets older, it may become ill and need your care. Everyone in the family agrees with the addition and is really looking forward to it. No one in the family currently has a cat dander allergy or anything similar. If you already have an animal roommate, you have of course considered whether it is compatible with other cats. If you are renting, you already have permission from the landlord. And you thought about how long the animal would have to be left alone during the day and who would take care of it when you go on vacation.
  • Step 4: The protection contract and the protection fee
    Great, everything went well and you will receive a confirmation from us! In order to ensure that our protégés continue to be kept in an appropriate manner, are not sold on to third parties and that the cat is neutered promptly (if this has not already been done), we draw up a so-called protection contract for you and your cat. Our cats are very important to us, because we invest a large part of our free time, money, but above all a lot of love in the rescue of these poor souls. With the protection contract, we are therefore ensuring that this commitment also makes sense in the long term. After all, we want to reduce animal misery and thus be sure, even years later, that our protégés in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland are doing well. We do not save animals from death or misery abroad to see them in similar poor conditions here. Costs and Protection Fees: On the one hand, the nominal fee is not a purchase price! But as the saying goes: "What costs nothing is worth nothing!". But for us all animals have a value and we want their new home to be their last. We also want to make sure that our protégés don't end up in a laboratory, somewhere are resold or used for illegal business (e.g. puppy trade). On the other hand, we also incur costs in advance for veterinary care until the animals are ready to travel. Furthermore, we have costs on site for food and, if necessary, the allowance if we get animals from the so-called perreras (killing). The following items should then be at least partially covered by the nominal fee: regular vaccination/s Rabies vaccination Worm cure/s Flea/Tick Remedy FIV and FeLV tests Microchip including implantation EU pet passport possibly Castration possibly blood test possibly further transport costs possibly Release costs Feed and care costs possibly Accommodation costs other medical treatments, operations, etc. The protection fee is far from sufficient to cover the actual expenses for an animal. It is therefore a minimum amount and a mixed calculation from various cost items. However, 100% of the money goes back to our protégés! So when your cat comes to you, she is: Vet checked chipped several times vaccinated incl. against rabies neutered (except kittens) dewormed and deflead multiple times Tested for FIV and FeLV has a current health certificate from the day of departure and has a valid EU pet passport The nominal fee serves several purposes: The protection fee to be paid is €120 for unneutered cats and €150 for neutered cats, each plus flight. For cats with a handicap, we charge a reduced protective fee of a flat rate of €100 plus flight, as the pet owner may incur higher follow-up costs. The cost of the flight depends on the airline, but is usually between €40-60 per cat. Some airlines allow young cats who know each other to travel together in one bag, so the cost would only be incurred once if you adopt two together.
  • Step 5: Here I come!
    Once we've received the adoption fee, we'll get your new partner ready. The cat gets its rabies vaccination, microchip and EU ID card. Then she only has to wait 21 days until the rabies vaccination has formed enough antibodies and thus also complies with the entry regulations in the destination country. Because of course we don't want to risk your darling being sent back to Mallorca because of a few weeks of waiting. In the meantime, we're already looking for flight sponsors. You just have to tell us which airports are suitable for you and we will organize everything. The more airports you name us, the greater the chance of finding a flight sponsor in a timely manner. Sometimes that means a few hours drive but where there's love there's a way! As soon as we have found a flight sponsor for you, we will arrange the flight times with you and then book the cat directly if you give your OK. All our cats fly in the cabin and come in a suitable flexible transport bag. You can either buy this bag from us afterwards if you like it (20€) or simply send it back to us. For the flight, the animals usually receive Bach flower drops to better survive the stress of the journey. The cats are brought to the airport by our foster moms, handed over to the accompanying flight sponsors and picked up by you at the agreed airport. The flight sponsors also hand over all the animal's papers at the airport, such as the EU pet ID card, which proves vaccinations, etc.
  • Step 2: You fell in love
    You saw a cat with us and it sparked? Then hit the keys and write us a message. We can then email you more details about the cat, answer your questions and discuss together which cat suits you and your family best. But don't worry, even if you haven't found your dream cat on our Facebook page, just talk to us, because we have new arrivals every day that we may not have posted yet. Once all questions have been clarified, we will send you a self-disclosure via e-mail. When you have filled out everything, simply send the form back to us. Our mediation team will then take a look at everything and get back to you. You don't have to worry if it takes a little longer, because we work on a voluntary basis and do our normal job alongside Cats Karma. However, if you haven't heard from us after a week, feel free to ask. If everything is fine, we will let you know and then look for a pre-check, which will then visit you at home.
  • Stefanie - top manager & organizational talent
    The people behind Cats Karma: Steffi Steffi was actually invited to a wedding on Mallorca in August 2018, but then everything turned out differently than expected. At the time, she found a severely emaciated and sick cat on the rented finca. At first she tried to feed this cat back to health, but she soon realized that a little bit of food wouldn't help. Then there was the fact that this cat had hidden 5 babies in the bush. All just 2-3 weeks old, with still very blue eyes. So it was clear that she had to act, because if the mother doesn't survive, neither will any of the kittens. Then she started researching on the internet and Facebook, writing and/or calling all sorts of organizations and realized very quickly that there was almost nothing in Mallorca for cats, except for the killing station. So she caught the cats and took them to the nearest vet. Fortunately, this veterinarian (whom we are still at today) was in contact with a German woman who takes care of cats privately and nurses them back to health. The wonderful Simone then took over the mother with the 5 kittens one day before departure and also thought in the first days/nights that the mother probably wouldn't survive. But Simone got it and the cats were allowed to move on to Yvonne's foster home. Steffi "only" had to promise to take care of the mediation and that's how everything came together. Steffi got to know Sina through Simone and it was immediately clear that the two were simply meant to meet and make Cat's Karma what it is today. Since then they have been through thick and thin, sharing joys and sorrows, fighting side by side for every cat here on the island and supporting each other when someone wants to throw in the towel again. Without each other, Cats Karma wouldn't exist today. They have always encouraged each other to continue and to help more and more cats. In real life, Steffi works as an auditor in Luxembourg. In addition to her full-time job, Steffi has also been a member of Cats Karma from the very beginning and is the manager behind everything behind the scenes. Takes care of the organization of the emergencies that we receive every day, the coordination of the foster homes, food orders, mediation, donations, flight sponsors, preliminary checks, contracts, founding of clubs, and the merchandise shop and also takes care of everything related to Cats Karma social media. One or the other will have written with her on Instagram or Facebook.The 14-times cat mom Steffi is the engine behind Cats Karma, who keeps everything going, with just as much heart as Sina.
  • Sina - Heart & Soul of Cats Karma
    The people behind Cats Karma: Sina Sina has been commuting between Mallorca and Germany since 2018. On her walks, she repeatedly encountered abandoned and injured cats. Although she was actually more of a "dog person" up to that point, it quickly became clear to her that she couldn't stand idly by and watch the misery. At first she only fed the poor strays, then gradually neutered them and took injured cats into her home. That was when Cats Karma was born. The first cat she adopted in May 2018 was Mr. Grey, a Zhen master with a severe congenital heart defect, her spirit animal to this day, even though he has long been raging with all the other souls in Rainbow Land. In the beginning, Sina treated all the cats at her own expense, using all her savings to save more and more cats and have them treated medically. In order to give the cats a good life, she started the Cats Karma Facebook page and started adopting cats and posting about daily rescues. Shortly thereafter she met Steffi and the two joined forces to continue Cat's Karma with concentrated power. In real life, Sina is self-employed and has an acting agency. In addition to her full-time job, she mainly does all the organization on site in Mallorca. i.e. organizing vet visits, ordering food, coordinating the cat refuge, rescue operations, feeding the street colonies, catching cats... In addition, she is always the contact person for all our adopters and takes care of our Facebook page and the many messages that reach us every day.Sina is the heart of Cats Karma.
  • Terra Xpress: Emigrate to happiness
    Emigration is a challenge Birgit S. is moving to Mallorca and wants to work there as a sports physiotherapist. But then she has to realize: This job profile doesn't even exist in Spain. Does she have to give up her dream now? Sina H. also wants to settle down on the beautiful Balearic island. But she cannot close her eyes to the suffering of street cats; the beginning of a rescue operation. VIEW ENTRY
  • Mallorca's street cats 3: Finca Cats Karma
    They are not free, they do not enjoy freedom. You are homeless. Most of the street cats in Mallorca are suffering and need help. You can find out from us how you can help, even without costs and great effort. Please like and subscribe to this channel and our Facebook page. So you have already taken the first step, easily and without any costs. For us, that means increasing our reach and attention, so a lot. Thank you very much ♥♥♥ Music: Song: Ikson - Reflect (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:
  • Mallorca's street cats 2:  Visit Cats Karma
    They are not free, they do not enjoy freedom. You are homeless. Most of the street cats in Mallorca are suffering and need help. You can find out from us how you can help, even without costs and great effort. Please like and subscribe to this channel and our Facebook page. So you have already taken the first step, easily and at no cost. For us, that means increasing our reach and attention, so a lot. Thank you very much ♥♥♥ Music: Song: Monaldin - Without Your Love Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video link:
  • Goodbye Germany: Viva Mallorca
  • Mallorca's street cats 1: Here we live...
    They are not free, they do not enjoy freedom. You are homeless. Most of the street cats in Mallorca are suffering and need help. You can find out from us how you can help, even without costs and great effort. Please like and subscribe to this channel and our Facebook page. So you have already taken the first step, easily and without any costs. For us, that means increasing our reach and attention, so a lot. Thank you very much ♥♥♥ Music: Song: Niwel - Takayama (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video link:
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  • Majorca revue


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